"Lagos Pioneros" Program

Specially designed to thank and recognize those who have deposited their trust and heritage at Lagos de Sol. In addition to our daily efforts to assist you in a personalized and most efficient way, we also offer an annual cocktail where we celebrate our “Pioneros” and have an incredible prizes raffle.

"Lagos Integra" Program

At Lagos del Sol we are always looking for harmony not only with nature around us, but also with a healthy and respectful way of living between residents. That is why “Lagos Integra” program gathers a series of social events throughout the year with the only purpose of strengthening the friendship among all our residents.

"Lagos Recycle" Program

Designed to protect our environment and at the same time generating a monetary benefit for a noble cause. Lagos del Sol will always be a social an environmental committed company, we will make permanent efforts to keep our flora and fauna in harmony with our daily life.

"Lagos V.I.Pet" Program

Every year we hold a vaccination and a spay and neuter campaign with lower prices than usually offered at a private veterinary, this done by expert vets that will bring your pet back to your home at no extra price. Conferences and special guests are also invited to promote the harmonious coexistence between pets and their owners as well as learn more on how to care for them.